Bringing together design and coding to create impactful digital experiences

We're looking for a medior or senior front end developer who's as passionate about beautiful design as they are about creating a seamless browsing experience, and has the know-how for both.

What we're looking for

Someone who is inspired by innovative art and design and can use their coding skills to bring them to life, through animations, transitions and visual effects.

Have at least 3 - 5 years' experience in the working world (and even more  in the living one). You can wear many hats and speak many languages, including HTML, (S)CSS and Javascript. You should also be adept at working with front-end frameworks such as React and React Native, and have experience with GIT. 

You are driven to create, constantly searching for new techniques to make your work interesting and unique. You're a regular at art exhibitions, digital installations and other places of inspiration. You enjoy working independently, are enterprising and can take responsibility for your own time.

What do we offer?

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer you room to grow creatively. You will join a team of 20+ ambitious colleagues in our studio in The Hague, working for clients on a variety of projects. You'll work on campaign sites as well as extensive corporate websites, working closely with art directors, UX designers, digital designers and front/back-end developers.

What are you going to learn?

Because you will sit in a multidisciplinary team, you will not only become a stronger developer, you will also learn a lot from the contact with the other team members and the client. How does the process of other teams work? How do we take the work for customers to the next level? How do you realize your personal ambitions within a project? And how do you ensure that you do this within the set timeframe?

Because we believe you never stop learning, we make a budget available for each employee to develop themselves each year. Do you want to follow a course, buy a book, or go to an event with your team members? Suggest it and we'll do it!

In addition

  • You'll get a MacBook which is yours to take home
  • Travel expenses are covered, our studio is easy to reach both by car and by public transport
  • You’ll work with the brilliant KK minds spread across The Hague, Amsterdam and London
  • You’ll work closely with all kinds of other positions, such as strategists, creatives, developers and producers
  • You get time and budget to develop yourself by through courses and conferences
  • You’ll be enrolled in the collective pension scheme
  • We also like to hang out after work, having dinners and drinks

Want to apply?

So, does this sound like you? Would you like to work with us on cool projects? Send your portfolio with at least 3 good examples of both micro and corporate sites with a cover letter and we will get back to you as soon as possible.