What's the point?

kesselskramer.digital is an agency of creatives, programmers and dreamers. A front for our new digital dept. Where people dance with pixels. Create poetry with fingertips. And sometimes spill hot coffee on keyboards.

Aren’t we too late? Isn’t everything digital? We like to think we are still figuring it out. We have the technical know-how. We approach every subject like it’s the first time. A child’s perspective with an adult’s mind.

We also ask: What’s the Point? What’s the point in cookie-cutter digital? What's the point in existing frameworks that limit the experience? We’re here to answer these questions and more through active experimentation.

We’re here to humanise the digital experience. To involve you. And to have fun as we go. Projects are processes. Development happens along the way and along with you. Small steps, big leaps.

Deep technical and creative knowledge combined with your team can add up to solving the trickiest, stickiest problems. That’s our speciality.